Why Are We Expanding?

  • Parking- Since we are located in a Business Complex, there are other businesses surrounding us. During Jummah, Ramadan, and Eid prayers we have a major parking problem, therefore causing worshipers to double park and parking in grass area. We have a couple of brothers directing the traffic at the entrance.
  • Traffic- The masjid is located next to a major highway, US-46 which is it’s only exit. When leaving the masjid at anytime, especially Jummah, it takes 5 minutes to get to the exit and additional time to turn onto the road.
  • Space- When ISNJ was first established, in 2006, there were approximately 75+ members. Al Hamdulillah we currently have grown too 200+ members, and are growing everyday! Mashallah, during Jummah, we have a huge gathering. We are forced to squeeze and in some incidents, people have to pray in the entrance area where all the shoes are kept. In order to accommodate, we also have 2 Jummah prayers at certain times of the year.
  • Sunday School- The masjid is limited in space and therefore, classes are squeezed into a small area in a section of the masjid. This creates distraction for the kids because many classes go on at the same time. 

The ISNJ Board is working hard to find a new location for our community to grow.

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